The Era of the Sheep vs the wolves

The Era of the Sheep vs the wolves

sheepIn a time long ago, there were two countries, one occupied by sheep and the other by wolves. Every once in a while a wolf or two would stray across the border, and a few sheep would loose their lives. It would be all over the news for a few weeks, but after a few days or weeks the sheep would loose interest and go back to eating grass which is what sheep do best. Sure the sheep had some sheep dogs, but because sheep are basically passive, they made sure the dogs teeth were removed since those teeth looked very threatening and scary. Even the watch dogs on the border were restricted to passive non biting patrols.

SheepThe sheep’s King had grown up with the wolves and felt a great kinship to them so he further restricted any means the border collies had to defend the border. He even set up programs to help less fortunate wolves immigrate to the country of sheep. Since wolves are by nature, somewhat aggressive and prone to violence, he further decreed that there would be sanctuary cities within the country of sheep where wolves who had a run in with the police dogs, could go to escape persecution by the unfair and passive laws of the sheep.

Over the course of several years, the wolves began to form secret packs, meeting at their mosques to do what wolves do. These packs were allowed by the king even though they occasionally committed heinous acts such as occasionally having a sheep roast! The occasional conservative sheep, cried out about these escalating attacks, bleating and complaining to the news reporters about these acts of terror. The news ignored these few troubled souls, after all, they were sheep and really were only concerned with feeding their faces with hay and grass which is after all, what sheep do!

imageThe king made light of these few minor glitches in the peaceful integration of the wolves into sheep society. After all, sooner or later, the wolves would be integrated into society and instead of blood, the wolves would eat grass and hay just as the sheep did! He knew this because he had lived amongst the wolves and in reality preferred their company to that of sheep.

Over a period of time, the wolves living amongst the sheep became more and more plentiful, forcing the sheep out of areas that they liked to frequent. The sheep complained but since they were sheep, soon forgot and went back to grazing or just chewing their cud.

One day, the wolves rose up and killed hundreds of sheep, leaving their bodies strewn about blood running into the gutters. The sheep rose up, calling out to their representatives and demanding that something be done about the wolf problem. Their representatives hadn’t done anything important in so many years they had forgotten how, and besides they were sheep and couldn’t wait to get back to their high grade of hay or just chewing their cud which is what politicians do. So they did as political sheep do and gave the herds placating and soothing words, but in reality did nothing to stem the coming tragedy before it was too late.

Is it too late?

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