The 2012 PDX Sportsmen’s Show

by: Kent Cannon

Every year, one of the must attend events is the “Pacific Northwest Sportsmen’s Show” which takes place in Portland Oregon. Don’t get me wrong, I really enjoy the Boat Show which takes place in January so I can check out the latest boating improvements; but the Sportsmen’s show brings it all together! This show is the precursor of things to come; things like Springer Season, Spring Turkey and Spring Bear. Everyone is looking forward to some nice weather and the promises that weather brings; promises like warm weather, coolers full of fish, camp fires and yes, you guessed it; kokanee season!

I admit it, I am a kokanee addict and every year, I look forward to the Sportsmen’s show because I know that within a few weeks I will once again have my boat in the water and rod in hand. To be quite honest, I don’t care if I am targeting Springer’s, walleye, sturgeon or kokanee; I am just glad to be out fishing!

One thing that I don’t think a lot of show attendee’s know about are the tremendous opportunities to improve upon the skills that we as sportsmen use every year to harvest not only fish but big game and upland game. For the fisherman, there are some must attend seminars put on by legendary industry insiders like Buzz Ramsey, Duane England, Scott Haugan and many more.

For those interested in camp cookery, there are some awesome cooks willing to share their knowledge. Such names as Tiffany Haugan (Scott’s better half), Herb Good, and Cee Dub all put on some excellent displays of their craft and are willing to share with you tricks that will make you a cook to be envied by your peers. One of my passions is cooking, and the peak of that passion is processing, storing and preparing the wild game that is abundantly available to us here in the Northwest.

There are many other seminars that cover the full gambit of outdoor activities and I would highly recommend that when you arrive at the show, you check out the day’s schedule of events so you can take advantage of this resource. One other thought before I move on, it is a great way to take a break from walking the concrete isles to give your feet a break!

For those planning a trip in the coming summer or fall, this is a great opportunity to get some real good deals on fishing and hunting lodges all over the US and Canada. Not only that but it is a good way to meet some of our local guides and get a feel if they are guys with whom you would like to spend the day or a couple of days fishing the rivers in Oregon and Washington.

Finally, especially for the avid kokanee fisherman, there are great opportunities to pick up tackle that is not available in our local stores. Gary Miralles owner of Shasta Tackle, Kyle Neeser of Crystal Basin Tackle, Gary Gordon of Fish with Gary, Dick Nite of Dick Nite Lures, Robbie of R&K Spinners and many more of the specialty kokanee tackle providers will be there with, I am sure some great deals on tackle. Then there are the rod builders, Lamiglas, Okuma, Tica, and many more of the top names in the industry will be there with some hard to resist package deals; that is if you happened to remember your credit card or check book.
Oh and one more thing, be sure and check out the Scotty booth! I am a firm believer in Scotty downriggers and they always have some too good to pass up deals for the likes of me. Randy, our NW factory rep should be there and he is a wealth of knowledge if you are new to downriggers. I learn something every time I talk to him! Things like leave the check book at home…

Finally, and in closing, please stop by the Kokanee Power booth and renew or start a new membership. I will be manning the booth on the weekend, as my schedule allows. Many of the folks that you have met at our derbies which KPO puts on throughout the summer will be there in shifts, shaking hands and talking kokanee…

P.S. Richard Kennedy will be there during the day to promote Kokanee Power of Washington so be sure to sign up with him if your primary fishing area is in Washington.

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Kent Cannon

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  1. Dick says:

    Hey Kent!
    Good seeing you at the PDX show!
    I would like to send you a set of our 15 new Kokanee Dodgers to try out –
    If you will email me your mailing address, I will get them to you!

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