Downrigger Weights, Gadgets and Gizmo’s

A few years ago, I noticed at a kokanee derby that some of the guys from California were using a different style of weight on their downriggers. At first glance, one of the cool features was that the weights could be stored in the rod holder on the downrigger. One … Continue reading

Sep’s Profishing Strikemaster Dodger Review

When testing new tackle, I like to take it out and use it over the course of a couple or three months. Sometimes that is hard, especially since it is winter and the fishing for kokanee is not especially red hot. Soooo…, I have come up with a system of … Continue reading

It’s All About Flash

Gang Trolls, otherwise known as Pop Gear; were designed to flash in the light imitating a school of fish. My earliest memories of lake fishing include Cow Bells and Willow Leaf Lake Trolls. There many stories of fish attacking the string of flashers before finally hitting the trailing lure. One … Continue reading

Need a 2nd Hook on Spoon in a Hurry?

This is how to quickly create a double hook setup without having to learn to tie up a double snell. It is not quite as effective but it works all the same and you can use it in a variety of places. Take a small trolling snubber and cut off … Continue reading

Still Bait Fishing for Kokanee

Still fishing bait for kokanee is done in much the same fashion as jigging only without the jigging; instead you position your bait a few feet above the school and wait patiently for that slight action at your rod tip. You use the same rod, reel and line you would … Continue reading

Kokanee Power Washington

While working the Portland Sportsman’s Show last February, I had the privilege of talking to many fellow kokaholics from the great state of Washington about our mutual passion for targeting kokanee. I then spent the summer putting on kokanee seminars up and down the I5 corridor in both Oregon and … Continue reading

Lake Sammamish Update

Last week I wrote about the once populous kokanee in Lake Sammamish disappearing or at least having their runs cut down to a relative few fish returning to the natal creeks to spawn. While doing research for that article, I was put in touch with a group of individuals that … Continue reading

New for 2012, the latest and greatest kokanee tackle is coming!!

I have been busy speaking with the kokanee tackle producers about what new things are coming out for 2012. I am in the process of updating my website and because of that I thought that it would be neat to see what we as kokanee fanatics have to look forward … Continue reading