The Paula J; a slide show #57

Building the Paula J, a slide show I put together this slide show of Building the Paula J. It might be helpful for those who are considering a boat build. I started building her in June of 2015, and launched in the 2nd week of July 2016. It was a … Continue reading

Home Stretch for The Boat Boat Build #46

  Home Stretch for The Boat Boat build Home stretch, the nicer days have me Jones’ing for some fishing! Fortunately I am on the home stretch, I glassed the roof of the wheelhouse on Saturday, and as usual didn’t get as much done as I wanted, but it was a … Continue reading

More Epoxy, Boat Build Post #43

More Epoxy, Boat Build Post #43 More epoxy! I have been at this since June of 2015, and it just seems to go on and on! When I first started, I ordered three gallons from Aeromarine, I remember that I was excited to start cutting and putting things together. Right … Continue reading

Building the Fishing Cockpit Post 42

Building the Fishing Cockpit If you will recall, This week was starting out kind of slow because I was running low on epoxy. I had also ordered a few items including the pilot and navigator seats. It seems that at anytime, I have a minimum of five items for the … Continue reading

The Boat Build is Coming Together Post #40

My Boat Build is finally coming together, it has been a crazy week here on the home front, but a very productive one never the less! My week started off by finishing off the cockpit deck. I have been concerned about the accumulation of sawdust both around the fuel tank … Continue reading

Wheelhouse progress and such: Post 35

Wheelhouse progress and such Coming home from our weekend away at Seal Rock, I was excited to get back to work on the Great Alaskan boat build. Unfortunately the weather was clear and cold, with the temperatures hovering around 30 degrees. My shop does have a wood stove, but is … Continue reading

GA Boat Build Post 30

GA Boat Build I haven’t posted on my boat build for a couple of weeks. It isn’t that I haven’t been working on it, it is just that there is a lot of detail which isn’t very newsworthy. The under framing is very important, just not too exciting. I thought … Continue reading

Great Alaskan Boat Build post #28

Monday through Thursday Boat Build Progress I took a week off from my Great Alaskan boat build and did some fishing with a friend I met through my boat building journey.  He started his build a year or so ahead of me. It was not because I didn’t want to … Continue reading

Great Alaskan Boat Build Post #27

Great Alaskan Boat Build Post #29 It has been a busy week in the shop, and as usual, I always think I should have gotten more accomplished than I did on my Great Alaskan boat build! Monday I received my Lewmar anchor windlass, along with the template needed to drill … Continue reading

Great Alaskan Boat Build, Post #26

It has been awhile since  I last posted about my Great Alaskan Boat Build, but I have been quite busy! This boat building thing can be pretty involved and it seems like it takes forever to get anything done! The reason for that is quality! Each and every step requires … Continue reading