Tackle Review: Shasta Tackle’s Flasher Release

Ultra Release

This month’s hot tackle review is Shasta Tackle’s “Shasta Flasher Release.” This is a unique ball troll release combination which will prove to be a must have as the water warms up with summer. Most ball trolls will stop being effective when a release is attached to the end. The reason for this is that once the rod is loaded, the blades are pulled up at an angle so they can not rotate properly; killing the action. The unique design of this ball troll has the blades separated from the main cable by a set of snap swivels which enables the blades to spin free of the cable no matter what angle is created by the tension put on the troll by the rod above. Because each blade is attached by a snap swivel, you can also change out the size and color of the blades making this an even more versatile piece of rigging. The unit comes with your choice of either the small Scotty release or the Shasta’s Ultra release or you can replace it with your own favorite.

I have run this piece of equipment since I received my demo’s from Shasta Tackle at last years Sportsmen’s Show in Portland. I liked them so well that I now run them on all of my downriggers whether stacked or not. The lower unit is snapped into the downrigger weight and the upper is snapped on using a small stacker clip.

My fishing partner has started making his own since he is a do it yourself kind of guy. He has been using cable to put his together which makes them all but bomb proof with large blades of various types and colors. So for the guy that likes to make his own, the sky is the limit!

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