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For those of you who know me, it will come as no shock that I am a guy that really likes to fish spinners. It doesn’t matter whether I am fishing for trout, salmon, steelhead or kokanee; I just love my spinners. Don’t get me wrong, I still like to play with hoochies, pull plugs, drift bait or any number of other techniques but when it comes right down to it, spinners are my favorite and I will always switch back to them when things get tough.

When everything else fails, I will always fall back on my favorite which just happens to be spinners. I love pulling a spinner down through some fast water, drifting a spinner through a hole, feeling the thump, thump, thump of the blade as it drifts down stream pulled along by the current or just trolled behind the boat.

As per my earlier post in which I said I had received some new spinners, I wasn’t lying, GVF lures did send me some of their custom spinners to try out and to be quite honest, they are of a quality to bring tears to a born again spinner fisherman! These babies are unique and more than worthy of a second look to those of you who like to fish spinners. For those of you who don’t fish spinners, just read one of my other articles and forget you ever saw this post. I will be the guy on the lake hauling in fish after fish, but pay me no mind and just keep doing what you have always done.

For those who do like to fish spinners do the same thing. I am not so sure I want to share these! The colors are brilliant and unique and the bodies of these babies are different from any others that I have reviewed to date which is what really caught my eye.

Rich Bernoudy who is the owner of GVF lures is looking to get his foot in the door up here in the Northwest and from the looks of his offerings, he will have no problems doing just that! Check out his complete line on his web site:

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One Response to Preview of GVF Lures Spinners

  1. Richard Kennedy says:

    I’ve used GVF lures the past couple years with good results and I cant wait to get my hands on these new spinners!
    I think they will be great at the Kokanee Power derby’s this season!

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