New for 2012, the latest and greatest kokanee tackle is coming!!

I have been busy speaking with the kokanee tackle producers about what new things are coming out for 2012. I am in the process of updating my website and because of that I thought that it would be neat to see what we as kokanee fanatics have to look forward to!

One of the guys that I spoke with was Robbie of R&K Spinners. He told me that he was coming out with a new line of glow hoochies both in the micro and in the mid size. Both the Micro and the Mini will be produced in several custom colors all of them hand died by Robbie himself.

I went and picked up the mail this afternoon and in it (besides the bills), was a package from R&K Spinners with his 2012 hoochie offerings. I opened the package with a little bit of excitement, because I only talked to him yesterday at which time he said he was sending me an update.

In talking to some of the best tackle makers, I spoke with Bob Schmidt of Mack’s Lure. Mack’s are coming out with some new products which I am not at liberty to show you at this time because they might have to kill me… I will get that info up as soon as they release it to me though; so keep checking back or sign up for my newsletter so you will get constant feedback on what is happening in the kokanee tackle world.

I gave Vance Staplin a call, to see what he had going on in the realm of new offerings for the coming year. I was not disappointed! He is coming out with a new version of glow paint on his famous dodgers which in field testing has proven deadly to the resident kokanee in several lakes. On a side note, there are very few places here in Oregon that you can purchase his products. Next time you are in a tackle store, make a request that they start stocking some of his products and maybe just maybe we can stop having to pay postage for shipping!

I have requests out to several more tackle makers including Shasta, Crystal Basin, Uncle Larry’s and Fish with Gary.

One other note that sounds kind of exciting, I heard a rumor that the Kokanee Kid is coming out with some package deals which will have some of his go-to tackle from his favorite suppliers complete with instructions on how to use them. That will be especially nice for those out there that are just getting into the kokaholic thing. So instead of standing in the local tackle store and wondering what to buy, you can buy a package with some hot setups which will help get you into the fish without the trial and error that most beginners have to go through. I am hoping to hook up with him and do an interview so once I do, I will post it right here!

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Kent Cannon
NW Outdoor Writer

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