#2 My Great Alaskan boat build update

My Great Alaskan boat build update

Great AlaskanIt has been a long time ( Over three years) in coming, but I hope to start cutting and assembling later this week, the Lord willing and the creek don’t rise!

Here is the basic layout, which is subject to change as the build proceeds. I am using the Great Alaskan plans drawn by Brian Dixon, which are an adaption of Renn Tolman’s Jumbo. The boat will be 30′ long and 8’6″ at the beam. There will be a cuddy cabin for sleeping, and a wheel house that will comfortably seat up to six. There will be a head, so the ladies will be comfortable. I am planning on powering it with a 225-250 hp outboard.  The boat should have around a five hundred mile cruising range.

Great AlaskanNormally, a boat this size would require at least double the horse power, but due to the design of the hull as well as being less than half the weight of comparable boats be they fiberglass or aluminum. The mile per gallon ratio is much better than in comparable boats which means that it can go farther on less $ which allows you to fish more, which is what it is all about!

The Great Alaskan will cost a minute fraction of similar off shore boats like the North River OS, and the fiberglass versions costing in around $150,000, all while having a similar value once finished, which make it a very desirable boat to own! In fact, a fully equipped Great Alaskan with a full array of electronics can be put together for under $30,000.00 in comparison, my bare bones 20′ Alumaweld Stryker with no electronics came in at $28,000.00 plus interest!

You can purchase plans for the Great Alaskan here or you can ask questions on the Great Alaska forum

Another great forum is the Tolman Alaskan Skiff forum. Should you be interested in purchasing Renn’s last book, you can do it here.

There are also two very reputable companies that offer pre-cut kits for the Tolman and Great Alaskan Boats, for those in a hurry or those who are not comfortable lofting their own:
On the East Coast: Salt Water WorkshopOn the West Coast: West Coast Boat Works

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5 Responses to #2 My Great Alaskan boat build update

  1. dave says:

    Kent,, best of luck. You will build a great boat. the hardest part is starting. Best to you! Dave Nolan

  2. Kent Cannon says:

    Thanks Dave, I am real excited, my plywood is being delivered this Friday and then I can get started lofting and cutting. I rearranged the shop today, moving my woodworking business to the other side and closing it off from the dust that will be created by sanding epoxy. I set it up so I can move the boat out the overhead door once it is ready to flip.

  3. Dave Collett-Paule says:

    Looking forward to following your build Kent. Best of luck. Your layout looks good, some things there I wish I had done. Dave in Homer.

  4. Don Clark says:

    Hi Kent,
    My name is Don Clark and I live in West Salem. I am very interested in your project, I am currently building a wood epoxy McKenzie drift boat and I would really be appreciative if I could observe your building of this great Alaska 30 foot boat.
    Hope all is going well and I look forward to hearing from you.
    Best wishes, Don

  5. Kent Cannon says:

    Don, I sent you an email with my contact info. I am more than happy to show off my boat to those who are interested. The trick is, I am out in the sop most days, at least in the afternoon. However, because the shop is metal, I don’t get phone reception, so if you want to see it, you need to make arrangements ahead of time.

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