My Change of Venue

I have been holding off on announcing this, at least until I had some personal issues taken care of. Those issues are now behind me and I will let the cat out of the bag: I have been hired by Bath Fitters as a field rep which will mean some major changes in my lifestyle IE: mainly that I will not be fishing four days a week as I have for quite some time. The flip side of that is that I will be bringing home substantially more money which will enable me to do things that for the past two years have been out of my reach financially.

This is not a new profession for me, as I have been heavily involved in the remodeling industry for many more years than I care to recount. My prior place of employment required the signing of a non-compete clause which has since expired some months back allowing me to continue my career in remodeling sales.

My writing career will not be put on a back burner, quite the contrary! I have a couple of books in the works, one of which is a kokanee lake map book for Oregon and Washington which I really hope to complete near the end of 2012. The other is a non-fiction work which I hope to finish up sometime this summer which deals with the Problems happening in Mexico and how it affects us here in the USA. I have some others in the works, which I am not ready to put out there…

My Fishing and Hunting blog will continue to be updated on Mondays and Thursdays with the newsletter going out on Fridays.

Tight Lines & Good Fishing!

Kent Cannon

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Kent Cannon

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About Kent Cannon

My passion is fishing and hunting as well as traveling throughout the Northwest and writing about those adventures. I was separated from my job a few years ago due to the still ongoing economic downturn. I had spent years working, focusing on things that really were not near and dear to my heart all the while scrambling and climbing to what I perceived as the top. I of course did not realize what I was doing, because I was caught up in the moment, focusing on what I thought was the American dream. Crashing and pushing ever forward like a Lemming headed for a cliff, oblivious the world around me. I was more than a little bitter over loosing my job; it was a good job as far as jobs go and I was making a lot of money so I could live according to the manner in which I wanted to be accustomed. In the process of trying to find another job in an unfavorable economic climate I found something that I had left behind many years ago. I found me! That is how and why I started this website, looking for myself and sharing things that I found along the way. Even though I am older now, suffering a little from arthritis and my hair is now somewhat graying I still have fire in my belly for the next adventure. The more that I seek out my next adventure, the more excited I become!

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