Kokanee Power of Washington

For those of you who have been waiting on the fence, Kokanee Power of Washington is just about to become a reality! My good friend Richard Kennedy (kokonuts) is in the process of filing the non-profit paperwork that will make it official. For those of you who have procrastinated, and yet have complained for years about not having the benefit of a kokanee club in Washington it is time to put your money where your mouth is! This club will not be able to exist without your support!

Three people from Southern Washington have stepped up and accepted the call to action by agreeing to be on the founding board; that is in addition to Richard who is technically an Oregon resident although he does have a home in Washington. Richard will initially serve on the board to help get things up and running and then it is up to the folks in Washington to step up and see this thing to the next level. There are still some spots on the board available if you are willing to spend a couple hours of your time a month working to make this a happening club.

The benefits of being a member of this board/club is that you will have a voice concerning the one key thing that keeps us all coming back for more; KOKANEE! The goal of Kokanee Power has always been to not only promote our sport fishery but to work side by side with the state to help enhance the fishery. Kokanee Power has been key in promoting angler education for young people as well as adults, providing hands on volunteer labor for spawning projects, spawning enhancement, contributing funds to support the fishery and lobbying for things like the two rod rule which was adopted a few years ago in addition to providing derbies for the enjoyment of all.

So there you have it, Kokanee Power of Washington needs you! Stand up and be a participant to help get this club off the ground!

Tight Lines & Good Fishing!

Kent Cannon

About Kent Cannon

Growing up in rural Central Oregon, I started fishing and hunting at an early age. My free time was spent Fishing the local Deschutes River as well as the high lakes of Central Oregon. As a teenager, I spent most of my free time back packing to various lakes within the Three Sisters Wilderness area. After graduating from high school, I spent the summer working on the railroad section gang at South Junction spending my free time targeting the trout and steelhead on the lower Deschutes.  In the early years, I worked as a carpenter and continued fishing and hunting in my spare time. Prior to entering into the outdoor industry, I worked full time as the Owner/CEO of Cannon's Design and Remodeling and later as the General Manager Dales Remodeling a national top 50 remodeling company located in the Willamette Valley where I now reside.  For the last nine years my primary fishing focus has been on Kokanee with side trips for chinook, Coho, Brown trout, Mackinaw, rainbow trout, Steelhead and tuna. I have fished all over the Northwest in pursuit of trophy fish. You might say I eat, drink, sleep and breath fishing and have spent a good part of that time teaching others how to pursue and catch many of these species.
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