Kokanee Obsession Questions

“The Kokanee Obsession” may be the best kokanee fishing book I have read. I do have a few questions:
1. If the UV index is high, how does that affect your fishing colors? The scale is 1-11. What is considered high?
2. You say in the summer that the tip of the lure should be no more than 12 feet back from the down rigger. Doesn’t that spook the kokanee?
3. How do you wash your hands in the boat with Lemon Scent Joy? Do you have a bucket of water or soaked towels or something else?
4. Do you have a set rotation of colors when you first start fishing?
5. Do you use an electric motor most of the time or a kicker?

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  1. Kent Cannon says:

    1.) Some may disagree with me but the color just needs to match the depth. Pinks and reds loose their color as you go deeper. UV is arguably only good down to 25′ or so by 70′ UV is all but non existent. I have had good luck with it down to around 45′.
    For myself, I think color is the most important, pink shallow, orange and sometimes yellow, but the deeper you go, purples and black. UV is great, and definitely enhances your catching, so I recommend always using it.
    2.) I usually go no further than three or four feet back from the downrigger ball. Any more is a waste. Kokanee are for the most part aggression biters. The tighter you are to the ball, the easier it is to make tight turns to come back through a school. I like to run a 36″ release with a couple of small spoons on it for attraction. The dodger is hooked in almost tight (six inches or so) to the release. If the spoons are too large on the release, the drag they create will keep your dodger from working properly. Kokanee are spite biters or tail nippers. They nail the following presentation out of aggression.
    3.) I keep a bottle of lemon joy soap in my splash well. I usually will put a squirt in my palm and then wash my hands over the side. If you are using oils like tuna, krill or such, I like to use a small bucket with some Joy soap and water to remove the oils at the end of the day. It will give your hoochies longer life and remove the rancid oils for a better presentation. Also keep your scent oils in a cooler with some ice. If you don’t the heat from the sun will cause them to turn rancid. I like to keep the oils in the fridge at home when not in use. Great way to get the wife to approve a beer fridge for the garage 🙂
    4.) I am not a stickler for order, but sometimes it helps. I usually will start out with pink if fishing shallow and purple if fishing deep. Surprising, at least for me, orange is a hot color. Lots of guys I know consider it to be a go to color. Also, black is a very good color when fishing deep.
    One thing to consider, when when the wind comes up, pull your presentation up ten feet or so. Chop on the water cuts the light penetration. When the wind comes up in the afternoon, the fish will move up the water column. In the evening when the light is off the water somewhat I fish shallower depending on the water temperature. Always consider the thermocline, if the water is too warm, and you fish too shallow you will for the most part get skunked. Another thing to watch is if you are catching small planter trout, drop down another five to ten feet and you will get into good kokanee water.
    5.) I run a kicker for the most part with a TR-1 auto pilot. The electric bow mounted trolling motor is the best all around for kokanee in my opinion even though I don’t own one. Most who fish for kokanee, get a piece of sheet aluminum and enlarge the rudder of the electric trolling motor. That gives you better control in the wind. Another trick is while fishing in the wind, lock your kicker in the forward position and use it to power the boat forward and use the bow mounted trolling motor to steer. That is when the enlarged rudder on the trolling motor really pays off. By rigging things this way, your boat will track well even in the wind, which is not the case with a stern mounted trolling motor.
    If you don’t have a bow mounted trolling motor, and want to fish in the wind, take and hang a drift sock or bucket over either side of the bow but not so far back it gets in the way of your fishing. That will keep the bow from getting caught in the wind and swapping ends on you.

  2. Kent Cannon says:

    If anyone has comments of questions, please feel free to post them. To keep the spammers off of here, I had to restrict access. But if you would like to post a question or make a post, send me an email and roughly what your post is and I will be glad to enable your ability to post.

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