Kokanee Kid Fishing and a few of his offerings

Kokanee Kids Spin n Glow

You may have heard about our fabled Kokanee Kid and his record catches. Well, the Kokanee Kid has put together some of his favorite tackle and is now offering it for sale to the public. Kokanee Kid otherwise known as Jeremy, and his better half, Debbie are total kokanee addicts courtesy of Jeremy’s dad, who has been a kokaholic before it was fashionable. Now I won’t mention the Kid’s dad by name because he is a little media shy, but if Jeremy ever learns half of what his old man knows about kokanee, well let’s just say that the sport would never be the same. Now, I am not saying that the kid is a slouch at catching kokanee, not in the least; but his wife (and his dad) put him to shame on a regular basis (not to mention that she (his wife) is a whole lot better looking… I learned about Kokanee Kid on Ifish, and I actually met his dad long before I met him but let me tell you, it is doubtful that you will find a more dedicated fisherman than the kid, )that is except myself…)!

Kokanee Kid's Dodgers

Jeremy has been messing with different combinations of components for quite some time now and has come up with some rather unique combinations and is now offering them for sale on his website. Jeremy will put together a package deal of his favorite offerings or sell them individually. He also has a package deal for newbie’s to the sport which will help them get started right out of the gate.

The Kokanee Kids kokanee downrigger kit

My fishing buddy has been running Jeremy’s dodgers and has had exceptional luck while fishing up at Lake Merwin this spring. I also saw him land a few at Green Peter recently pulling one of the Kid’s dodgers. When I first looked at the dodgers, my immediate gut feeling was that these will be hot, especially as the season heats up.


If you have a moment and a few dollars to spare, visit the Kokanee Kid’s Store and get outfitted with some of his latest creations!

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