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Early last year, I ended up partnering with a fellow (Kokonuts AKA Richard Kennedy) that I had met in passing at the Sportsmen’s Show in Portland Oregon. He had some unique ideas and a very creative mind and in the process he has come up with a series of innovative gadgets.

While blasting across the water moving from one spot to another wind whipping through your hair, have you noticed how the dodgers on your lines just beat the crappola out of your fishing rods? Half the time, things are so tangled up by the time you get to the next hole you end up spending an extra ten or fifteen minutes getting things straightened out.

Well, my fishing buddy has come up with a real cool idea to solve that problem. He being a retired plumber, and having lots of odds and ends left over from his plumbing business; has come up with a retaining ring that is easy to slip on and easy to slip off. It costs literally nothing make and will save your rods from getting the crap slapped out of them by the dodgers catching in the wind.

Just take a one inch piece of the larger foam pipe insulation and wrap the outside with some black electrical tape and you are all done! Slip the unit over the rod tip down over the dodger and no more tangles or rod damage from blasting around in the wind. They also work well when stowing your rods for the trip home by isolating the dodger and preventing damage to your favorite rods…

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  1. Richard Kennedy says:

    Kent thanks for the tip! I am sure everytone has some tips to share so , lets hear them guys!

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