Heading to Central Oregon’s High Lakes for a Week of Premier Kokanee Fishng

Broken Top from Wickiup Res. Note the White Pelican in the Distance

I am headed East for some of Oregon’s best kokanee fishing. I am not planning on making it to Wallowa Lake this year although that is not because there is not a lot of “want,” just that  my time is limited at this point and there are some other destinations that are kicking out some trophy fish. The fish that I am speaking about are not. world record breakers, but they are some of the best fighting kokanee in Oregon! My destination and home base of sorts will be Wickiup Reservoir located about twenty-five miles out of La Pine Oregon. My wife and I have been spending quality time at this lake for many years due primarily to it’s central Location in the heart of good Cascade kokanee heaven.

White Pelicans on Wickiup Res

Within easy driving distance of Wickiup are Paulina Lake, East Lake, Cultus Lake, Crane Prairie Reservoir, Odell Lake, Crescent Lake and several other pristine lakes such as Little Cultus. If you tire of lake fishing, (like that is possible…) There is some awesome stream fishing available on the upper Deschutes River. I’ve spent much of my life fishing these lakes, and the upper Deschutes, in fact I grew up in this area, only moving to the Willamette Valley a little over twenty years ago. To be quite honest, it was quite an adaption from thousands of square miles of free access to everything being private over here in the valley. You really have to learn a new style if you want to fish! Fortunately we do have Green Peter close by which has proven to be a very good lake for kokanee.

2011's Kokanee Derby Largest Fish (they are bigger this year!)

The finale for my week in Central Oregon will be the upcoming kokanee derby (hosted by Kokanee Power Oregon) on Wickiup Reservoir this coming Saturday. This derby is open to all who might like to try their luck or just come out and have fun. There will be some of the best kokanee fishermen and women in the Northwest there and it is a good time to meet and greet with those folks. These people are just excited to share the tricks and tips to help you get onto the kokanee. The derby is followed by an awards ceremony and lunch. Newbie’s are encouraged to come and hang out at which time you can learn to up your game!

Kids 15 years and under can enter into the derby in the junior division for free and a chance to win all sorts of prizes. I highly encourage your to get your kids involved in this! It is an opportunity to get them into a sport that will bring them enjoyment the rest of their lives!

If you are interested in fishing at this derby check out this link.

If derby fishing for kokanee is something you would like to pursue check out this page

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