Halibut Update through Week 24 (June 5 – June 11)

Halibut Update through Week 24 (June 5 – June 11)

Columbia River Subarea

All-Depth— this fishery will be open for one additional day, this Saturday, June 17, 2017.
After the most recent openings in Washington, the Washington Dept. of Fish and Wildlife (WDFW) has determined that there is enough quota remaining in the Washington recreational quota to have all Washington subareas, including the Columbia River Subarea, open this Saturday. Since Washington and Oregon co-manage the Columbia River Subarea, and have license reciprocity, anglers fishing out of Oregon ports in the subarea will be allowed to participate in the all-depth halibut fishery on Saturday as well.

Following Saturday, June 17, the Columbia River Subarea All-Depth fishery will be closed for the remainder of 2017.

Nearshore— this fishery is open seven days a week and has a quota of 500 pounds.

The Columbia River Subarea Nearshore fishery will remain open until quota is caught, or September 30.

Central Oregon Coast Subarea

Spring All-Depth season— through the fourth opener, June 8-10, the total landings are 87,265 pounds. This leaves 64,447 pounds or 43% of the spring all-depth quota remaining. The remaining “fixed” openings are June 15-17. There will be an announcement by noon on Friday, June 23 if enough quota remains for any back-up dates to be open.

Angler success varied by port; ranging from 70% out of Newport to near 100% out of Charleston. Newport was the high effort port for the week and accounted for 68% of the total number of halibut. The remaining ports all had approximately an 80% success rate (8 fish landed for every 10 anglers). Average size of landed fish also varied by port from 16 pounds round weight in Pacific City to 27 pounds round weight in Newport. Coastwide the average weight was 24 pounds round weight.

Summer All-Depth Season—opens August 5-6, if quota remaining, can be open every other Friday and Saturday.

Nearshore Season— open as of June 1, 2017. The total landings through June 11 are 1,867 pounds. This leaves 27,030 pounds or 94% of the spring Nears quota remaining.

Angler success varied by port; ranging from a very low percentage out of Bandon to near 100% out of Garibaldi. Newport had a 30% success rate while landing 72% of the total number of halibut for the week. The remaining ports all had approximately a 20% success rate (2 fish landed for every 10 anglers). Coastwide the average weight was 32 pounds round weight.

Note that all-depth regulations have to be followed (no retention of most species of groundfish) during days open to both All-Depth and Nearshore halibut fishing.

South of Humbug Mountain subarea

There were no landings of halibut recorded in the South of Humbug Mountain subarea for week 24. This leaves 9,462 pounds (94%) of the quota remaining.

Reminder: Descending devices are mandatory for vessels fishing for or retaining halibut or bottomfish, and must be used when releasing any rockfish when fishing deeper than 30 fathoms.

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