Got Those Kokanee Blues!

Like many of you I attended the NW Sportsman’s show in Portland a few weeks back which only served to whet my appetite for my favorite sport. No folks it isn’t Springer fishing even though that is a highlight of my year. The fish of choice for me is KOKANEE! Every  spring, I end up spending long hours out in the shop, going through the boat, getting everything in order for the upcoming season. Reels are lubed, line is changed, old leaders are discarded and replaced with new. My boat is washed vacuumed and rewashed. The motors are tuned and the tranny oil is changed. I even changed out the oil in my TR-1 autopilot. One of the most common questions that I am asked is when I start pursuing kokanee.

Rocky Looking for Lunch

To be quite honest, that all depends on my workload and my withdrawal symptoms. One of the keys as to how bad my withdrawal is just happens to be my wife. My season usually starts with my wife telling me that if I don’t get out and get my kokanee fix, she is either going to murder me or divorce me and take my boat with her… Needless to say, that is when I make my first trip to the lake! My first trip has in the past normally taken place in late January or early February. Living here in the Willamette valley; I am afforded the opportunity to fish much earlier than when I was living on the East side, waiting for ice out. Granted, when I do get to the lake this early in the year, the water is down a major amount and requires a check to see if there is enough water on the ramp to launch. That info if you are wondering is available on my home website under the appropriate lake map page: One of the things which has been a great investment for these early trips is my propane heater. I have spent many days out on the lake in relative comfort when the weather was less than ideal by simply putting up the top and firing up the heater. Some days I get so busy catching fish I forget to even turn it on.

The days Catch

My dog usually reminds me that it needs to be done be standing in front of the heater and barking until I get the clue. The fish may not be overly large, but that is not the only reason for fishing! There is nothing like trolling across the lake in the early morning, drinking a cup of coffee waiting for the tell-tale bobbing of the rod tip. Even if the fishing is slow, the fish are still small or any other excuses that you may have used in the past, there is nothing more relaxing than spending the day unwinding from our stressful life enjoying God’s creation trolling slowly across the lake. Kind of puts the whole time continuum thing in a whole new light! I hope to see you out there!

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About Kent Cannon

My passion is fishing and hunting as well as traveling throughout the Northwest and writing about those adventures. I was separated from my job a few years ago due to the still ongoing economic downturn. I had spent years working, focusing on things that really were not near and dear to my heart all the while scrambling and climbing to what I perceived as the top. I of course did not realize what I was doing, because I was caught up in the moment, focusing on what I thought was the American dream. Crashing and pushing ever forward like a Lemming headed for a cliff, oblivious the world around me. I was more than a little bitter over loosing my job; it was a good job as far as jobs go and I was making a lot of money so I could live according to the manner in which I wanted to be accustomed. In the process of trying to find another job in an unfavorable economic climate I found something that I had left behind many years ago. I found me! That is how and why I started this website, looking for myself and sharing things that I found along the way. Even though I am older now, suffering a little from arthritis and my hair is now somewhat graying I still have fire in my belly for the next adventure. The more that I seek out my next adventure, the more excited I become!

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