Depoe Bay Hoochies


Roy Elliot’s first ocean caught Coho salmon on a pink hoochie

Headed over to Depoe Bay last Saturday for some salmon fishing. We headed out at O dark thirty planning on a limit of salmon and hopefully a limit of bottom fish. When we arrived, we ended up in line clear up by the highway waiting to launch. We made the best of the wait, getting everything ready, so that when we did get down to the launch, we would be ready to go. The ocean conditions report had been for 4-5 foot swells 12 seconds on center with five MPH winds meaning that it would be a pretty nice day. Turned out to be a little rougher than the report, which is not all that unusual if you are familiar with coastal fishing. It was raining so with the wind and all, we figured it would be nice to have the top up so we could get in out of the weather when needed.

While waiting to launch, I spoke to a kayaker who was also headed out. He was wanting to target some salmon and wanted to know how far out he would have to go before he got into decent fish able water. He was not overly pleased when I told him that we would be out about three miles. Later, as we were headed out of the bay, we spotted quite a few seals and then we passed that fellow in his kayak a few hundred yards out. The conversation inevitably turned to great white sharks and the similarity to seals with the new paddle systems which are actually based on  seals flippers. I recently ran across an article about a couple of kayakers who were attacked by a great white (see link below this post).

Once we had passed the kayaker, we headed out, taking quite a bit of spray in the process and we were glad we had taken the time to put up the top and install the side curtains, otherwise it would have been a wet, cold ride out! We motored out about 2 1/2 miles before we dropped any lines over the side. Ryan was running the boat while Roy and I rigged up and clipped into the downriggers. As Roy was dropping his line down, he got a hard takedown at about thirty five feet on a pink hoochie! Ryan shut down the motor and netted Roy’s Coho without much problem. As it turns out this was Roy’s first ocean caught salmon so a photo was taken and much abuse was dished out in regards to Roy’s virginity…

Blue HoochieNext it was my turn, landing another Coho on a black and white hoochie. We were now thinking it was going to be a quick trip, since we hadn’t been out more than about thirty minutes, and already had two fish in the boat. We were wrong! We fished for another hour without even a bump, wondering if maybe two fish was going to be it for the day…

I had tied up a good selection of hoochies the week before, so every fifteen to thirty minutes I would change it up trying to find a color that would produce. I went through all of my colors, until I got to blue. Blue was magic! I had a fish on almost immediately upon dropping my presentation down to 45 feet. We quickly landed that Silver, bonked him and dropped him in the cooler. I put up my rod and relieved Ryan from running the boat so he could get in on the fun.

I am not sure what Ryan had on, but it wasn’t working. Roy asked me if he could try my rod with the blue hoochy so he wouldn’t have to change out his rod. Once again, he dropped his rod down to 45 feet and, fish on! Blue was hot! With that fish, Roy limited so he handed the rod to Ryan. Two quick Coho’s later and Ryan was done as well.

The wind had picked up quite a bit and it was getting quite bumpy so we decided to bag it for the day and head in to port. As it turned out, we were about ten miles North of where we had started and it was a slow ride in due to the ocean conditions. We averaged about seven MPH all the way back, but we were happy and limited out by 9:30 AM, all in all a great day on the water!


For this trip, I tied up the hoochies using 30# test mono. I used 3 inch P-Line glow hoochies stuffed with six #10 beads matching hoochie colors, the last two of which were glow beads (above the top hook). I snelled two #5 Gami octopus hooks on 18″ of Mono with a small barrel swivel at the top for easy change ups.

Interesting Article on Kayaks and Great Whites Sharks


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