Condit Dam Breaching in Slow Motion

This is way cool!
That noise you just heard was the start of the Condit Dam removal on the White Salmon River in Washington. The removal is one of the largest dam breaching projects in the country. It will restore the White Salmon watershed to its natural state and reopen 33 miles of habitat to migrating Chinook salmon and steelhead.
approximately 750 acre feet of water was drained into the White Salmon River downstream of the dam and into the Columbia River
Wednesday the 26th of October, crews used dynamite to blast open the base of the dam. Approximately 750 acre feet of water was drained into the White Salmon River downstream of the dam and into the Columbia River
. The event sent nearly million cubic yards of sediment down the White Salmon River. Water will flow through the breached dam till next summer when crews will finish dismantling the structure.
The dam’s removal will restore the river to its free-flowing state, allowing salmon and steelhead to reach historic spawning grounds again for the first time since the dam was installed in 1914.

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