Rough Water Seamanship Part II: Boat Handling By David Pascoe

I felt that Part 1 was very informative, especially for those just starting out who have never spent any time in rough water therefore I have included Part 2 and I will follow up with Part 3 downstream in a bit Kent Cannon   Small Craft Warnings Small craft is … Continue reading

A testimonial for your book (The Kokanee Obsession)

Dear Mr. Cannon, This is a testimonial to you and your book.  I hope you’ll take a few minutes to read this email as I’m sure you’ll be pleased.  My story starts one year ago…………… My wife & I are retired and love to fish, but had never fished for … Continue reading

A Kokanee Fishing Rod is Born

Graphite fishing rod blanks are made of carbon fiber composites produced by the chemical industry through a long and costly procedure. The composite is a material made of  carbon fibers reinforced by impregnating them with a polymer such as epoxy. In a carbon fiber composite; the raw material is in … Continue reading

Platypus Super 100 Line Review By Kent Cannon

A little over one year ago, I was contacted by an distributor friend from up in Canada in regards to doing a review of some Australian fishing line that he was handling. We are both kokanee enthusiasts and as such have been comparing notes as to the differences of targeting … Continue reading

My Summer Kokanee Seminar Schedule

I am now booking my seminar schedule for the spring and summer kokanee classes. If you and your group are interested please contact me using the contact info at the bottom of the page.I will not be doing nearly as many seminars as I did last year because my time … Continue reading

Tackle Review: Shasta Tackle’s Flasher Release

This month’s hot tackle review is Shasta Tackle’s “Shasta Flasher Release.” This is a unique ball troll release combination which will prove to be a must have as the water warms up with summer. Most ball trolls will stop being effective when a release is attached to the end. The … Continue reading

Home Made Dodger Retainer

Early last year, I ended up partnering with a fellow (Kokonuts AKA Richard Kennedy) that I had met in passing at the Sportsmen’s Show in Portland Oregon. He had some unique ideas and a very creative mind and in the process he has come up with a series of innovative … Continue reading