More new Kokanee tackle coming for 2012!

I recently received some real cool spinners from GVF Lures of Garden Valley California. These baby’s are just oozing fishiness! I will be putting them on the blog this coming week. You can view and or purchase his tackle at I also received a call from Randy Berquist co-owner … Continue reading

Platypus Super 100 Line Review By Kent Cannon

A little over one year ago, I was contacted by an distributor friend from up in Canada in regards to doing a review of some Australian fishing line that he was handling. We are both kokanee enthusiasts and as such have been comparing notes as to the differences of targeting … Continue reading

Tackle Review: Shasta Tackle’s Flasher Release

This month’s hot tackle review is Shasta Tackle’s “Shasta Flasher Release.” This is a unique ball troll release combination which will prove to be a must have as the water warms up with summer. Most ball trolls will stop being effective when a release is attached to the end. The … Continue reading

Sep’s Profishing Strikemaster Dodger Review

When testing new tackle, I like to take it out and use it over the course of a couple or three months. Sometimes that is hard, especially since it is winter and the fishing for kokanee is not especially red hot. Soooo…, I have come up with a system of … Continue reading

Stainless Steel or Braid for Your Downrigger

Over the last few years there has been much debate over the pro’s and con’s of cable versus synthetic braid for downrigger line. The long and the short of this argument is that they both work well, and each bring to the table some unique properties. Up to this point … Continue reading