Paula J, Last Run of The Season #55

Paula J, Last Run of The Season Looking at the forecast this last weekend, I saw a window for one last tuna run. At the time I was in Redmond Oregon attending a celebration of life, the window was opening the following day, Monday with what looked like the best … Continue reading

Paula J, The Story Continues #54

Paula J, The Story Continues: I haven’t posted much since launching the Paula J, simply because I am burned out, not from writing, but from building the Paula J. Quite a bit has happened since the launch, most of it good, or if you consider the long term learning curve, … Continue reading

Homeless Looking Boat Dude Post 48

Homeless Looking Boat Dude I am a homeless looking boat dude, at least according to my wife. I have two pair of jeans and several T-shirts which are all covered with epoxy and now lately, paint. The pants have so much epoxy on them I could almost stand them in … Continue reading

Feels Like I’m Running Through Water on this Boat Build 46

Feels Like I’m Running Through Water on this Boat Build It sometimes seems like I’m running in the water on this boat build. Everything seems to take forever, but in order to do things correctly you have to follow the steps. All of the parts need to be cut, assembled … Continue reading

WHY I DO THIS a lesson in simplicity…

WHY I DO THIS………. An American investment banker was at the pier of a small coastal Mexican village when a small boat with just one fisherman docked. Inside the small boat were several large yellow fin tuna. The American complimented the Mexican on the quality of his fish and asked … Continue reading

More Epoxy, Boat Build Post #43

More Epoxy, Boat Build Post #43 More epoxy! I have been at this since June of 2015, and it just seems to go on and on! When I first started, I ordered three gallons from Aeromarine, I remember that I was excited to start cutting and putting things together. Right … Continue reading

Building the Fishing Cockpit Post 42

Building the Fishing Cockpit If you will recall, This week was starting out kind of slow because I was running low on epoxy. I had also ordered a few items including the pilot and navigator seats. It seems that at anytime, I have a minimum of five items for the … Continue reading