#3 Why build a boat using encapsulated plywood?

encapsulated plywood (Stitch and Glue) I included the following excerpt from the Gougeon Brothers Manual on boat building to illustrate why I have chosen to build a boat using encapsulated plywood or stitch and glue method. You can download a free PDF copy of the entire manual if you would like … Continue reading

#2 My Great Alaskan boat build update

My Great Alaskan boat build update It has been a long time ( Over three years) in coming, but I hope to start cutting and assembling later this week, the Lord willing and the creek don’t rise! Here is the basic layout, which is subject to change as the build … Continue reading

#1 Building an Offshore Boat To Target Tuna & Other Pelagic Species

I have always wanted to build a boat and after owning factory built boats and being frustrated by what is available in the way of customization on a pre-built hull, I have finally settled on a design. The hull is based on the Tolman Alaskan Skiff and is made up … Continue reading