Building the Fishing Cockpit Post 42

Building the Fishing Cockpit If you will recall, This week was starting out kind of slow because I was running low on epoxy. I had also ordered a few items including the pilot and navigator seats. It seems that at anytime, I have a minimum of five items for the … Continue reading

The Boat Build is Coming Together Post #40

My Boat Build is finally coming together, it has been a crazy week here on the home front, but a very productive one never the less! My week started off by finishing off the cockpit deck. I have been concerned about the accumulation of sawdust both around the fuel tank … Continue reading

Endeavor to Persevere Boat Build Post #39

Endeavor to Persevere Endeavor to persevere, one of my favorite quotes from the movie, The Outlaw Josie Wales. In spite of all of the trials the characters portrayed in the movie, they kept moving forward. With all of the things going on with Christmas, New Years and the colder weather, … Continue reading

GA Wheelhouse Design Post number 37

GA Wheelhouse Design: In recent weeks, I have been reviewing the wheelhouse design, since the recent bout of bad weather has really put a kink building process! First the wind, then the lower temperatures. I have a huge fir tree on the windward side of the shop, and one-day last … Continue reading

Boat Design, why? Post 36

Boat Design, why?  I recently posted a video on my Facebook page (see link below) showing a couple of boats which were allegedly designed to take punishment similar to that of a Coast Guard life boat. If you haven’t seen the photos of the Coasties out there playing in the … Continue reading

Wheelhouse progress and such: Post 35

Wheelhouse progress and such Coming home from our weekend away at Seal Rock, I was excited to get back to work on the Great Alaskan boat build. Unfortunately the weather was clear and cold, with the temperatures hovering around 30 degrees. My shop does have a wood stove, but is … Continue reading

The Boat Building Dream, Dream Big! Post 34

Dream Big! The upcoming Thanks Giving Day feast is almost upon us! The weather is changing and leaves are falling off the trees. I was headed down to the PO Box yesterday to pick up an order of 316 Stainless screws for the balance of my GA boat decking when … Continue reading

Great Alaskan Boat Build Deck Framing Post 33

Boat Build Deck Framing The dream Building the deck framing for the cabin and fishing deck and all of the components there in, is a long and sometimes tedious task. Some days, it takes a lot of will power to actually get started! Building a boat, especially one of this … Continue reading