Traditional Norwegian Boat, Nordlandsbåt

Traditional Norwegian boat from Northern Norway. It’s called “Nordlandsbåt” in Norwegian I ran across this boat on Facebook. Love the lines! Developed ages ago, and I would guess just the sight of a full sized Nordlandsbåt raiding vessel with these lines would strike fear into British, and French and anyone else … Continue reading

Tolman Boats in Rough Seas

Tolman boats become an obsession to those who use them! In conditions that would make most pilots pucker, these boats perform! When I first ran the Paula J, I was cautious, wanting to learn what the boat was capable of before ending up in a trial by fire situation. Last … Continue reading

The Paula J; a slide show #57

Building the Paula J, a slide show I put together this slide show of Building the Paula J. It might be helpful for those who are considering a boat build. I started building her in June of 2015, and launched in the 2nd week of July 2016. It was a … Continue reading

ProMariner Prosport Plus digital 20 AMP electronic charger

I ordered a ProMariner Prosport Plus digital 20 AMP electronic charger for use in my Great Alaskan Offshore. I will relate or at least attempt to relate my experience from ordering through installation. Hopefully this will give someone who is thinking about installing an on-board charger some insight as to … Continue reading

Paula J, Last Run of The Season #55

Paula J, Last Run of The Season Looking at the forecast this last weekend, I saw a window for one last tuna run. At the time I was in Redmond Oregon attending a celebration of life, the window was opening the following day, Monday with what looked like the best … Continue reading

Paula J, The Story Continues #54

Paula J, The Story Continues: I haven’t posted much since launching the Paula J, simply because I am burned out, not from writing, but from building the Paula J. Quite a bit has happened since the launch, most of it good, or if you consider the long term learning curve, … Continue reading

#52 Close to Completion, on my Great Alaskan Boat Build

Close to completion I’m getting close to completion, took some time off to spend a few days at the coast with some great friends. I got some much needed R&R so when I got home this Saturday, I was ready to go back to work.  Had such a great time, … Continue reading