About Kent Cannon

My passion is fishing and hunting as well as traveling throughout the Northwest and writing about those adventures. I was separated from my job a few years ago due to the still ongoing economic downturn. I had spent years working, focusing on things that really were not near and dear to my heart all the while scrambling and climbing to what I perceived as the top. I of course did not realize what I was doing, because I was caught up in the moment, focusing on what I thought was the American dream. Crashing and pushing ever forward like a Lemming headed for a cliff, oblivious the world around me. I was more than a little bitter over loosing my job; it was a good job as far as jobs go and I was making a lot of money so I could live according to the manner in which I wanted to be accustomed. In the process of trying to find another job in an unfavorable economic climate I found something that I had left behind many years ago. I found me! That is how and why I started this website, looking for myself and sharing things that I found along the way. Even though I am older now, suffering a little from arthritis and my hair is now somewhat graying I still have fire in my belly for the next adventure. The more that I seek out my next adventure, the more excited I become!

Fine Tolman Boat Building Example

A fine Tolman Boat Building Example! Since I am not planning my normal weekly build post regarding my Great Alaskan progress, I am instead going to post an example of a Tolman just completed in the Portland Oregon area. The craftsmanship is exemplary to say the least. The builder is … Continue reading

More Epoxy, Boat Build Post #43

More Epoxy, Boat Build Post #43 More epoxy! I have been at this since June of 2015, and it just seems to go on and on! When I first started, I ordered three gallons from Aeromarine, I remember that I was excited to start cutting and putting things together. Right … Continue reading

Building the Fishing Cockpit Post 42

Building the Fishing Cockpit If you will recall, This week was starting out kind of slow because I was running low on epoxy. I had also ordered a few items including the pilot and navigator seats. It seems that at anytime, I have a minimum of five items for the … Continue reading

This Day in History: Two Agencies become the United States Coast Guard

This Day in History: Two Agencies become the United States Coast Guard Writen by by Tara Ross On this day in 1915, two agencies are consolidated into a new United States Coast Guard. Of course, the foundations for the Coast Guard were laid long before 1915! In fact, the Coast … Continue reading

Wheelhouse roof Post #41

Wheelhouse roof, the final details: Working on the wheel house roof,  just seems to go on forever, everyday I get up and head out to the shop to accomplish another small piece of the big picture. I am actually starting to see all of my hard work finally coming together … Continue reading

The Boat Build is Coming Together Post #40

My Boat Build is finally coming together, it has been a crazy week here on the home front, but a very productive one never the less! My week started off by finishing off the cockpit deck. I have been concerned about the accumulation of sawdust both around the fuel tank … Continue reading

Endeavor to Persevere Boat Build Post #39

Endeavor to Persevere Endeavor to persevere, one of my favorite quotes from the movie, The Outlaw Josie Wales. In spite of all of the trials the characters portrayed in the movie, they kept moving forward. With all of the things going on with Christmas, New Years and the colder weather, … Continue reading

#38 My Boat Build; A Reflection on 2015

In regards to my boat build, I haven’t Posted the last couple of weeks, rather I have been thinking of the past year. Call it a time of introspection or what ever you might choose, but it all amounts to the same thing to me. I had a very good … Continue reading

The Kokanee Obsession is now available on Kindle

The Kokanee Obsession goes digital! The Kokanee Obsession is now available on Kindle through Amazon.com. It is one of those things that takes awhile to to get around to, but in reality, it was quite painless. This has been on my to-do list for quite sometime and I am greatly … Continue reading