About Kent Cannon

My passion is fishing and hunting as well as traveling throughout the Northwest and writing about those adventures. I was separated from my job a few years ago due to the still ongoing economic downturn. I had spent years working, focusing on things that really were not near and dear to my heart all the while scrambling and climbing to what I perceived as the top. I of course did not realize what I was doing, because I was caught up in the moment, focusing on what I thought was the American dream. Crashing and pushing ever forward like a Lemming headed for a cliff, oblivious the world around me. I was more than a little bitter over loosing my job; it was a good job as far as jobs go and I was making a lot of money so I could live according to the manner in which I wanted to be accustomed. In the process of trying to find another job in an unfavorable economic climate I found something that I had left behind many years ago. I found me! That is how and why I started this website, looking for myself and sharing things that I found along the way. Even though I am older now, suffering a little from arthritis and my hair is now somewhat graying I still have fire in my belly for the next adventure. The more that I seek out my next adventure, the more excited I become!

ProMariner Prosport Plus digital 20 AMP electronic charger

I ordered a ProMariner Prosport Plus digital 20 AMP electronic charger for use in my Great Alaskan Offshore. I will relate or at least attempt to relate my experience from ordering through installation. Hopefully this will give someone who is thinking about installing an on-board charger some insight as to … Continue reading

Fix the Renewable Fuel Standard – Add Your Voice

The Renewable Fuel Standard (RFS) is a broken policy that is forcing more ethanol into the nation’s gasoline supply. The only way to meet this federal government mandate is to increase the amount of gasoline that must be blended with greater than 10% ethanol. These higher blends, 15%, 20% and … Continue reading

Public Input Sought on 2017 Central Coast Spring All-Depth Dates

Public Input Sought on 2017 Central Coast Spring All-Depth Dates Reminder:  there will be a public meeting on Monday, Feb 6 at 6 pm at the ODFW Marine Resources Program conference room (2040 SE Marine Science Drive, Newport, OR) to get input on the 2017 Central Oregon Coast Spring All-Depth … Continue reading

2017 Oregon Recreational Bottomfish Season

New for 2017 Recreational Bottomfish Season NEW-Descending Devices Mandatory Any vessel fishing for, or possessing, bottomfish in the ocean must have a functional descending device onboard, and use when releasing any rockfish outside of 30 fathoms. Functional descending device means one that is ready to be used. There are a … Continue reading

Why? Sport Crabber Sinks

Why? Sport Crabber Sinks! Ever wonder why so many sport crabbers  are lost each year on the Oregon coast? Obviously many sport crabbers don’t question their mortality either! For starters, the lurker lives in the ocean, he doesn’t care whether you are an old salt, male, female, black or white … Continue reading

Paula J, Last Run of The Season #55

Paula J, Last Run of The Season Looking at the forecast this last weekend, I saw a window for one last tuna run. At the time I was in Redmond Oregon attending a celebration of life, the window was opening the following day, Monday with what looked like the best … Continue reading

Paula J, The Story Continues #54

Paula J, The Story Continues: I haven’t posted much since launching the Paula J, simply because I am burned out, not from writing, but from building the Paula J. Quite a bit has happened since the launch, most of it good, or if you consider the long term learning curve, … Continue reading

#52 Close to Completion, on my Great Alaskan Boat Build

Close to completion I’m getting close to completion, took some time off to spend a few days at the coast with some great friends. I got some much needed R&R so when I got home this Saturday, I was ready to go back to work.  Had such a great time, … Continue reading