About Kent Cannon

My passion is fishing and hunting as well as traveling throughout the Northwest and writing about those adventures. I was separated from my job a few years ago due to the still ongoing economic downturn. I had spent years working, focusing on things that really were not near and dear to my heart all the while scrambling and climbing to what I perceived as the top. I of course did not realize what I was doing, because I was caught up in the moment, focusing on what I thought was the American dream. Crashing and pushing ever forward like a Lemming headed for a cliff, oblivious the world around me. I was more than a little bitter over loosing my job; it was a good job as far as jobs go and I was making a lot of money so I could live according to the manner in which I wanted to be accustomed. In the process of trying to find another job in an unfavorable economic climate I found something that I had left behind many years ago. I found me! That is how and why I started this website, looking for myself and sharing things that I found along the way. Even though I am older now, suffering a little from arthritis and my hair is now somewhat graying I still have fire in my belly for the next adventure. The more that I seek out my next adventure, the more excited I become!

Blast Drains Condit Dam’s Reservoir On White Salmon River; Dam Structure Removal Set For Spring 2012

Blast Drains Condit Dam’s Reservoir On White Salmon River; Dam Structure Removal Set For Spring 2012 Posted on Friday, October 28, 2011 (PST) A muffled roar and a puff of pulverized concrete preceded a rush of silt-laden water Wednesday as contractors set free southeast Washington’s White Salmon River by blasting … Continue reading

The Story of Rupert Mills by Outdoor Writer Kent Cannon

The Story of Rupert Mills Rupert Mills was a slight man, but for every ounce that he was lacking, he made up for it in grim determination. Most folks in the valley simply avoided Rupert because he was devoid of most things that folks around here ascribed to human decency. … Continue reading

Fish Tasting Radioactive Lately? This Plate Can Help | Field & Stream

Just in time for the holidays, German designer Nils Ferber has unveiled a dinner plate that tells you how much radiation is present in your fish. So if you’re just not sure what to buy that special someone who wants to be prepared for the zombie apocalypse or WWIII, no … Continue reading

No more cigars as we know them? That means no cigars out on the water…

The Kokanee Obsession I usually don’t like to politicize my site, but the FDA is planning on regulating cigars which will greatly curtail the quality of the product. I don’t know about you, but I like a good smoke while out in the boat or standing in a mosquito infested … Continue reading

New for 2012, the latest and greatest kokanee tackle is coming!!

I have been busy speaking with the kokanee tackle producers about what new things are coming out for 2012. I am in the process of updating my website and because of that I thought that it would be neat to see what we as kokanee fanatics have to look forward … Continue reading