Adjusting the Shasta Tackle Ultra Release

The Shasta Tackle Ultra Release is proving to be one of the better Kokanee downrigger releases due to it’s infinite adjustment capabilities and low cost. I have not used it for Salmon at this point but it has proven extremely successful for lake trout and kokanee.

The preferred technique for setting the release is to take the line with two fingers and rotate them forming a loop with at least two twists in it. This takes a little practice but once you get it down, it is second nature. Once you have the loop, slide it into the clip and test the release tension for the weight of the tackle you are pulling. Give it a test pull and adjust it close to what you think is the right tension. It shouldn’t come out too easily. The deeper that you are fishing, the more tension you should have on the release. Adjust to the preferred tension with a medium flat bladed screwdriver.

Con’s: when you snap your loop into the clip, make sure it doesn’t get looped around the Ridge on the back of the release. If it does, It will not release properly.

TIP: When you get a fish on at 60′, you don’t want it to release without a little help from you. If it does release at that depth, it leaves a lot of slack line for the fish roll and throw the hook. It is better if you give it a tug to release your line, then quickly reel in the slack. So, when adjusting the tension, error on the side of tighter than lighter when fishing deep

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