Adding a Dbl Hook Set to a Spoon

I started in on a project that has been brewing in my mind for about a year now. The problem with these ideas, is that when I come up with them, I am usually out on the water and in the heat of landing a nice fish the idea gets pushed back to my subconscious instead of being able to act on it. Well, today I finally put the project together. By applying this to your smaller spoons, you will have a much more effective and productive time while targeting kokanee.

When fishing with spoons, such as the Sep’s Pro Fishing’s Pro Secret Lure (shown in photos) and other smaller lures, I always loose more fish spin offs than I like because of the hook system commonly used on smaller spoons. Due to the relatively soft jaw on kokanee, and heavy hook shank on the siwash hooks used on the out of the box lures, it leaves a large hole in the jaw which allows the fish to leverage against the spoon body and pull free.

The resultsI removed and discarded the the original siwash hook and snap ring and then installed a size 1 snap ring. Onto the snap ring, I added a size 4 Gamakatsu thin wire Octopus hook. I then took a small swivel and put a snap ring on both ends and added another size 4 Gamakatsu thin Octopus hook to that. I then threaded the snap ring on the other end onto the snap ring that holds the upper hook. The issue has always been that if you overload the spoon blade it will kill the action. By using the thin wire hooks in place of the heavier and easier to install siwash hooks you have created a presentation that is light enough to not inhibit the spoon action but at the same time increased the holding power of the spoon. Run (1) piece of shoe peg corn or a gulp maggot on the bottom hook for trolling applications. The fish will strike the back hook and once hooked roll up on the line trying to free it’s self. When that happens the upper laser sharp upper hook will be firmly planted in the gill plate which is much harder than the jaw of the kokanee salmon insuring that the fish comes to the boat solidly hooked.

Here’s what I want you to do now …

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