The Grind to Get On the Water

The Grind to get the GA on the water; for the last two months, has been long and arduous! I have been working almost seven days a week and between nine and ten hours a day trying to finish my boat when I just want go tuna fishing! Is that … Continue reading

Close to Completion, on my Great Alaskan Boat Build

Close to completion I’m getting close to completion, took some time off to spend a few days at the coast with some great friends. I got some much needed R&R so when I got home this Saturday, I was ready to go back to work.  Had such a great time, … Continue reading

Editor’s Notebook: Shellfish Wars: Lobsters, Shoalies, Olympias, Atlantics and Pacifics vie for supremacy

If you’ve ever idly wondered why lobsters are such a big deal in New England and Maritime Canada but haven’t gained a claw-hold at our similar latitude in the Pacific, you’re not unique — the question has come up since at least the 1880s. Among many instances of European-Americans endeavoring … Continue reading

Homeless Looking Boat Dude Post 51

Homeless Looking Boat Dude I am a homeless looking boat dude, at least according to my wife. I have two pair of jeans and several T-shirts which are all covered with epoxy and now lately, paint. The pants have so much epoxy on them I could almost stand them in … Continue reading

Feels Like I’m Running Through Water on this Boat Build 48

Feels Like I’m Running Through Water on this Boat Build It sometimes seems like I’m running in the water on this boat build. Everything seems to take forever, but in order to do things correctly you have to follow the steps. All of the parts need to be cut, assembled … Continue reading

Home Stretch for The Boat Boat Build #47

  Home Stretch for The Boat Boat build Home stretch, the nicer days have me Jones’ing for some fishing! Fortunately I am on the home stretch, I glassed the roof of the wheelhouse on Saturday, and as usual didn’t get as much done as I wanted, but it was a … Continue reading