Why? Sport Crabber Sinks

Why? Sport Crabber Sinks! Ever wonder why so many sport crabbers  are lost each year on the Oregon coast? Obviously many sport crabbers don’t question their mortality either! For starters, the lurker lives in the ocean, he doesn’t care whether you are an old salt, male, female, black or white … Continue reading

Paula J, Last Run of The Season #57

Paula J, Last Run of The Season Looking at the forecast this last weekend, I saw a window for one last tuna run. At the time I was in Redmond Oregon attending a celebration of life, the window was opening the following day, Monday with what looked like the best … Continue reading

Paula J, The Story Continues #56

Paula J, The Story Continues: I haven’t posted much since launching the Paula J, simply because I am burned out, not from writing, but from building the Paula J. Quite a bit has happened since the launch, most of it good, or if you consider the long term learning curve, … Continue reading

The Grind to Get On the Water #55

The Grind to get the GA on the water; for the last two months, has been long and arduous! I have been working almost seven days a week and between nine and ten hours a day trying to finish my boat when I just want go tuna fishing! Is that … Continue reading

#54 Close to Completion, on my Great Alaskan Boat Build

Close to completion I’m getting close to completion, took some time off to spend a few days at the coast with some great friends. I got some much needed R&R so when I got home this Saturday, I was ready to go back to work.  Had such a great time, … Continue reading

#53 The GA Rush To Completion

In My rush to completion, I intended to be complete and on the water fishing by June first of 2016, obviously, that date has come and gone.When I first started this boat build project, I had intended to incorporate all of the things I wanted or found lacking in other … Continue reading

Editor’s Notebook: Shellfish Wars: Lobsters, Shoalies, Olympias, Atlantics and Pacifics vie for supremacy

If you’ve ever idly wondered why lobsters are such a big deal in New England and Maritime Canada but haven’t gained a claw-hold at our similar latitude in the Pacific, you’re not unique — the question has come up since at least the 1880s. Among many instances of European-Americans endeavoring … Continue reading

#51 GA Boat Build is on The Home Stretch!

The Home Stretch I’m on the home stretch and it’s been awhile since I posted, not because I didn’t want to, but because I just haven’t had the time. I have been working, pretty much non stop on the boat trying to get ready for tuna season. I picked up … Continue reading

Homeless Looking Boat Dude Post 50

Homeless Looking Boat Dude I am a homeless looking boat dude, at least according to my wife. I have two pair of jeans and several T-shirts which are all covered with epoxy and now lately, paint. The pants have so much epoxy on them I could almost stand them in … Continue reading